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adam a. copp President,

adam a. copp President,

Since 1996 I have been providing professional design and marketing services to clients nationwide. Some of the titles I have held are Production Artist, Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Creative Director. In 2004 I started my first company, 5ive Spike Media. It was a full service Advertising Agency and Commercial Printing Company. Some notable clients were The American Cancer Society and Habitat For Humanity. I have also had the opportunity to work with countless small business owners to help them achieve their marketing goals. There is nothing that puts a bigger smile on my face then when a client sees their project completed or their job printed for the first time. Please feel free to read some testimonials from them.

I have also had the pleasure to help several graphic designers get their start in the field by gaining real world experience. I work closely with them to make sure they have an understanding of software, best practices, and working with clients. One of them went on to start their own marketing business and others hold successful positions in the creative field.

Some of my clients wanted to learn how to work on their own marketing materials. Teaching Graphic Design and Pre-press is a very rewarding experience. It gives me the opportunity to leverage and pass on my 20+ years in the field.

Organization has always been fun and exciting for me. Whether I am creating file systems, workflows or setting up office spaces, getting organized was just as important as running the business.

In 2015 I was ready for a new challenge. There are a lot of people that struggle with chronic disorganization and clutter. I knew that I had the knowledge to help them get it organized. I was not, however, ready to give up my passion for advertising and printing. I started to encompass both services. I was going to help client’s organize their rooms and spaces for thier homes and their marketing and printing for their businesses. By expanding the services of what a traditional Professional Organizer does, I knew this would set me apart from my competition and I would be able to help more people.